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What is an Activities Director?
The Road to Camp Half Blood EmptyTue Sep 01, 2015 3:17 pm by Lissy

Basically they are Wishie's and I's adviser. They will help with planning, setting up events and even information if needed, and whatever else may function around that sort of stuff.


Lol no. Only in the events and information section. They're not like Wishie and I …

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What do you want to see?
The Road to Camp Half Blood EmptySat Aug 15, 2015 11:00 pm by Lissy
Now that everyone seems pretty comfortable and settled into the site, I'd like to bring up some ideas that have either been brought to me or I've wanted to do.

The Road to Camp Half Blood 3275174662 CAMP COUNSELORS:
I'm letting Ace explain this one (sorry for throwing you under the bus) because I cannot explain it how you …

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Color / Rank
The Road to Camp Half Blood EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 11:13 pm by Lissy
Alright, going to put this here to make life easier. Because I don't plan on this site being really big and full of lots of other people than the ones I've talked to or we've invited, I'm deciding to let each of you have the option to get a color for your name and a custom rank.

> Any …

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 The Road to Camp Half Blood

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The Road to Camp Half Blood Empty
PostSubject: The Road to Camp Half Blood   The Road to Camp Half Blood EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 2:55 pm


New York rushes past my window. Through it, outside noises try to flood their way into the car only to be muffled. The driver was someone I didn't recognize, and he did not respond to a word I said. So we went on in relative silence. It made me kind of nervous.

Whoever he is, he's been speeding the entire way. I don't know how we haven't been pulled over or in a crash by now. We've been on the road for hours and hours. It feels like years. We haven't stopped once.

My stomach grows. If we don't get to wherever it is soon, I'm going to starve. Or wet myself. Or both. I mentally scold myself for not forcing myself to eat this morning, or at least grabbing a snack.

A soft sigh escapes through my nose as I lean over, resting my head on the window.

I think I must've drifted off to sleep. Once I wake up, the outside noise has all but vanished. Strawberry fields roll past my vision.

I sit up. My driver continues on at nineteen miles per hour above the speed limit, robotic as ever. I'm relieved to find I did not wet myself. Yet.

Suddenly, he steps on the accelerator. I yelp a bit, thrown back against the seat. What could've made him do that? I twist, trying to see out the back window--

And nearly wet myself for real.

There-there's a creature lumbering after us. It's like a giant lizard, like the dragons from fairy tales, except...

"No wings," I murmur. Then I made the mistake of looking at it's eyes.

My mind went into a trance. I couldn't move. I couldn't think to. There was nothing in the world besides the creature and it's eyes.

Well, there was the sharp corner we went around that threw me off balance and across the seat, too.

Eye contact was broken, but it took a minute for the trance to wear off. Slowly, I regained control of my body, stretching out my fingers, toes, arms, legs...

My mind returns.

Suddenly I snap back up into a seated position, looking around frantically. "Sir, is that-? Is that a-"

I can't bring myself to say the word. It's impossible. There's no... That's just not possible!

He still doesn't answer. Instead, he comes to an abrupt stop. My seat belt catches me as I'm thrown forward, pressing almost painfully for a brief moment.

"Are you insane?!" I shriek, glancing behind us, careful not to make eye contact with that thing again. It's far behind us now, but it's steadily approaching.

Mr. Driver swiftly exits the car and jogs around to my side, opening the door for me. In that instant, I decide to trust him. I grab my backpack from the floor beside me and hop out, swinging it onto my back.

He points to a large tree ahead of us and takes my hand, breaking into a run. I do my best to go as fast as I can.

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The Road to Camp Half Blood
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