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What is an Activities Director?
Hunter Mistilteinn EmptyTue Sep 01, 2015 3:17 pm by Lissy

Basically they are Wishie's and I's adviser. They will help with planning, setting up events and even information if needed, and whatever else may function around that sort of stuff.


Lol no. Only in the events and information section. They're not like Wishie and I …

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What do you want to see?
Hunter Mistilteinn EmptySat Aug 15, 2015 11:00 pm by Lissy
Now that everyone seems pretty comfortable and settled into the site, I'd like to bring up some ideas that have either been brought to me or I've wanted to do.

Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662 CAMP COUNSELORS:
I'm letting Ace explain this one (sorry for throwing you under the bus) because I cannot explain it how you …

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Color / Rank
Hunter Mistilteinn EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 11:13 pm by Lissy
Alright, going to put this here to make life easier. Because I don't plan on this site being really big and full of lots of other people than the ones I've talked to or we've invited, I'm deciding to let each of you have the option to get a color for your name and a custom rank.

> Any …

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 Hunter Mistilteinn

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PostSubject: Hunter Mistilteinn   Hunter Mistilteinn EmptyTue Aug 11, 2015 6:42 pm

Name: Hunter Mistilteinn

Nickname: Lyca calls him Hunt, but nobody else does.

Age: 21 (Yeah, he’s too old for Camp Half-Blood, but since he’s not a half-blood anyway… Gods help us if this guy's our adult chaperone, though.)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Personality: Generally speaking, Hunter’s an intensely chill guy. Monsters are real and the gods of Olympus live above the Empire State Building? Sure, bro, that’s cool, that’s cool. He’s generally levelheaded and practical, albeit in a very understated way, but not a stick in the mud; he’s more likely to ask “How can we realistically make that happen?” than say “That can’t happen.” He’s intensely loyal to his “family,” Lyca and Bunny, and if they’re threatened… Not so chill anymore.

Looks: Hunter has a swimmer’s build, with broad, muscular shoulders and narrow hips that make him resemble a very buff inverted triangle. He’s tall, about 6’2, and his hair is blond and shaggy, like a surfer’s, with tanned skin and brilliant green eyes. He has strikingly Gallic features, with a prominent nose and brow, sloping cheekbones, and thin lips. A dusting of stubble covers his face, and he usually wears designer jeans and a t-shirt.

Divine Parent: None—he’s entirely mortal.

Powers: Hunter has the ability to see through the Mist, while not perfectly, still better than even some demigods. His cooking is also good enough that most who’ve eaten it would argue that it absolutely counts as a power.

Backstory: Hunter was born in Manhattan and had an uneventful life until he was thirteen, when his parents were both killed in a car accident. Hunter was placed in foster care, but eventually ran away from his latest foster home on the night of his fifteenth birthday. A few months later he met Autolyca Raffles as she battled a child-eating spirit in the New York Subway. The rest was history—if you want specifics of the next five years of Hunter’s life, see Lyca’s bio.

After Lyca was captured by Hades, Hunter was left drifting. He was 20 years old, had more money than most people would make in their entire lives, his family was dead, and his best friend was in the Underworld after being betrayed by his other best friend. It was a shitty situation all around. Hunter moved back to New York and quickly established himself as a mysterious young investor in the style of a modern Jay Gatsby. He continued to pursue his interest in cooking, and met Athena, patron goddess of useful arts, at a culinary show in Los Angeles. With his clear sight, Hunter recognized Athena as a goddess immediately. Initially, he approached her hoping she might be able to help Lyca—which she did, by convincing Hermes to stand up for his daughter—but the two quickly became friends. Hunter would later say that she liked him for his cooking skills, but in truth there was much about him to interest Athena. He was a warrior as well as an artist, with a quiet, everyday sort of wisdom, and for that, she may have loved him, as much as a virgin goddess could love a mortal man, though she of course would be too wise to say so. They had only a few months together, but when Athena left, she gave Hunter a gift: the child of her mind, born of her thoughts and his. Hunter named her Bunny, and he has spent the last few months raising her in Manhattan.


  • As a clear-sighted mortal, Hunter is actually extremely dangerous to most magical creatures. Unlike demigods, Hunter can't be sensed by monsters, making him more likely to ambush him than the other way around. Likewise, as a mortal, Hunter is immune to any magical metal other than Stygian iron, and while he may not have the natural battle talents of a demigod, a modern machine gun makes up for a lot.
  • Hunter has $200 million as his share of his jobs with Lyca and Val. That buys a lot of expensive, dangerous toys.
  • Unlike a demigod, Hunter has no single, glaring fatal flaw to exploit.
  • It's not a coincidence that Hunter had a kid with Athena; while he's not as traditionally intelligent as most of the goddess's other chosen, he still has hidden depth enough to win over an immortal virgin goddess. Underestimating him because of his mortality can be a death sentence.


  • For all of his talent, Hunter's only mortal. He simply isn't as fast, strong, or durable as a demigod, has no special powers, cannot consume nectar and ambrosia to heal, cannot manipulate the Mist, or do any of a dozen other things demigods take for granted. He can't even enter the borders of Camp Half-Blood without a specific invitation.
  • Since Bunny was born, Hunter's a father first. Everything comes after his daughter. Everything.
  • While he's occasionally successful as Lyca's voice of caution, Hunter has some serious doormat tendencies to overcome as her sidekick.
  • Although he's trying to go clean for Bunny's sake, Hunter's a former cocaine addict.

Weapon: Hunter wields an AK-101 Kalashnikov assault rifle loaded with Imperial gold rounds. By throwing a lot of drachma around, he managed to get it enchanted to look like a little rubber duck keychain when it's not in use.

Other: None
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter Mistilteinn   Hunter Mistilteinn EmptyTue Aug 11, 2015 9:21 pm

Hunter Mistilteinn YQ6Byuum
Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662  Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662  Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662  Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662  Hunter Mistilteinn 3275174662

Hunter Mistilteinn 989343ohhhvwl9ln
clчdє mσntєsαnσ {18} sσn σf єrís
αlчssα sєrrαnσ { 17 } dαughtєr σf αpσllσ
sαвínє dє vríєs { 16 } dαughtєr σf thαnαtσs / huntєr
níkkσ lαrsσn { 15 } sσn σf níkє
trínítч síєvєr { 15 } dαughtєr σf nєmєsís
cαndαcє jσdíє míllєr { 14 } dαughtєr σf phσвσs
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Hunter Mistilteinn
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