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What is an Activities Director?
Kate Potter EmptyTue Sep 01, 2015 3:17 pm by Lissy

Basically they are Wishie's and I's adviser. They will help with planning, setting up events and even information if needed, and whatever else may function around that sort of stuff.


Lol no. Only in the events and information section. They're not like Wishie and I …

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What do you want to see?
Kate Potter EmptySat Aug 15, 2015 11:00 pm by Lissy
Now that everyone seems pretty comfortable and settled into the site, I'd like to bring up some ideas that have either been brought to me or I've wanted to do.

Kate Potter 3275174662 CAMP COUNSELORS:
I'm letting Ace explain this one (sorry for throwing you under the bus) because I cannot explain it how you …

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Color / Rank
Kate Potter EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 11:13 pm by Lissy
Alright, going to put this here to make life easier. Because I don't plan on this site being really big and full of lots of other people than the ones I've talked to or we've invited, I'm deciding to let each of you have the option to get a color for your name and a custom rank.

> Any …

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 Kate Potter

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PostSubject: Kate Potter   Kate Potter EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 4:32 am

Name: Kate Potter

Nickname?: She just goes by Kate

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: ISTP -- The Mechanic

Kate has a very serious, rough exterior, so she can be standoffish or intimidating when people first meet her. She is rather unemotional, so she finds it difficult to talk about her feelings. She is shrewd, a bit calculating, very observant and highly, highly intelligent. She prefers to distance herself and stay out of problems that don't concern her, but after taking on a position of leadership, she finds that that number is dwindling very fast.

Yet despite all of this, Kate is certainly not unkind. In fact, if someone approached her with good intent, she tends to let them in quickly. She is a good listener and mediator, and has shown degrees of compassion. She is unswervingly loyal to the ones she trusts, on the condition that they are loyal to her in turn. If they are not, though, then whoever betrayed her trust will be surprised to see just how quick she can turn on them and will also be unprepared for the world of pain they're in--which isn't always physical.

Underneath all of that, she is actually quite sensitive, though she never shows it. It's because the hurt usually leads to bitterness, which leads to grudges, which leads to coldness and a tough front. She is also one to take initiative and very brave if the situation calls for it.

Looks: Kate Potter Image35

Standing at 5'11, she's pretty tall, especially for a girl. Her kneecaps and and elbows are very bony. Her posture is usually very erect and her voice naturally authoritive. Oh--and her fingernails are always painted. The color changes nearly every day. It's just something that amuses her.

God parent: Athena

Power(s)?: Kate has a unique gift. It is not necessarily battle oriented. See, Kate thinks at an incredibly fast rate. This makes her very perceptive, adaptable and a freaking brilliant strategist. She can take things in much faster than the average human being or even the average demigod--thus can learn things in a matter of hours what takes others about ten months and decides to learn a different language whenever she feels bored. As a testimony of this, she' s fluent in fourteen of them.

Backstory: All of her life, Kate has relied on one person--herself. From a very early age, she was sent to an orphanage with nkt even a name tying her to a previous life. So the caretakers simply called her 'Kate', not giving her a last name. When she was five, someone 'adopted' her. As it turned out, a satyr actually picked her up, swiftly taking her to Camp without much problem. She was definitely one of the lucky ones.

She was unprepared for tbe rigorous training that greeted her. But she adapted. About a year later, when she fully understood everything, Athena claimed her. Since then she made herself quite home at Camp, staying there year-round. She even got to go on a few quests, during one in which she found a book series that she adored -- Harry Potter. She took on the same last name as the main character. Before she knew it, she hit the ten-year milestone.

-Strategy and Intellect: That should go without saying, given she's the daugher of Athena.
-Initiative: She makes for a good leader due to her ability to act upon the problem at hand.
-Long-Range Fighting: You don't mess with someone that's been practicing shooting for ten years straight, okay?
-Adaptable: Due to her godly ability as well as her own experience, she's good at quickly modifying a plan when the time calls for it.
-Quick: She is speedy not only in the physical sense, but in the mental sense as well.


-Pride: Ahhh, the fatal flaw for just about every child of Athena. It's more subtle than other children of Athena, but there's a reason why she'll never ask for help. Oftentimes she'll either overestimate herself and her allies or underestimate her enemies.
-Close Combat: There's a reason she's an archer. She lacks upper-body strength, and it's hard for her to do well without her weapon.
-Intolerent: She does NOT suffer fools gladly, and unfortunately for others, it's hard for them not to be labeled as a fool because she holds ridiculously high standards for other people.
-Grudges: She can't forgive and forget if her life depends on it.
-Easily Stressed: If a situation is falling apart, then so can her usually-cool demeanor. As much as she'll try not to let them, things can really get to her.

Weapon(s): Crossbow. Do NOT underestimate her with a crossbow.

Other?: As implied earlier, her favorite books are Harry Potter, and she considers herself a Ravenclaw. Aside from that . . . Hmm. Nothing worth mentioning.
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PostSubject: Re: Kate Potter   Kate Potter EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 4:35 am

Kate Potter YQ6Byuum
Kate Potter 3095492791 Here have a cookie~

Kate Potter 989343ohhhvwl9ln
clчdє mσntєsαnσ {18} sσn σf єrís
αlчssα sєrrαnσ { 17 } dαughtєr σf αpσllσ
sαвínє dє vríєs { 16 } dαughtєr σf thαnαtσs / huntєr
níkkσ lαrsσn { 15 } sσn σf níkє
trínítч síєvєr { 15 } dαughtєr σf nєmєsís
cαndαcє jσdíє míllєr { 14 } dαughtєr σf phσвσs
dαkσtα/drєw єllswσrth { 14 } dαughtєr σf αtє
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Kate Potter
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