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What is an Activities Director?
Regina George EmptyTue Sep 01, 2015 3:17 pm by Lissy

Basically they are Wishie's and I's adviser. They will help with planning, setting up events and even information if needed, and whatever else may function around that sort of stuff.


Lol no. Only in the events and information section. They're not like Wishie and I …

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Regina George EmptySat Aug 15, 2015 11:00 pm by Lissy
Now that everyone seems pretty comfortable and settled into the site, I'd like to bring up some ideas that have either been brought to me or I've wanted to do.

Regina George 3275174662 CAMP COUNSELORS:
I'm letting Ace explain this one (sorry for throwing you under the bus) because I cannot explain it how you …

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Color / Rank
Regina George EmptySat Aug 08, 2015 11:13 pm by Lissy
Alright, going to put this here to make life easier. Because I don't plan on this site being really big and full of lots of other people than the ones I've talked to or we've invited, I'm deciding to let each of you have the option to get a color for your name and a custom rank.

> Any …

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PostSubject: Regina George   Regina George EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 3:14 pm

Name: Regina George
Nickname?: N/A
Age: 18, November 14th
Gender: F
Sexuality: Straight
Alpha Bitch: She's a leader, albeit not with a good moral compass.
Big Bad: You know it. She's top dog, at least in her own mind.
Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Although she doesn't bother with it for long she can seem nice enough at first if she wants to.
Blondes Are Evil: Blonde, gorgeous, and evil to the core.
The Chessmaster: She's devious, but only when it's something that will benefit her.
Jerkass: Pretty much how to describe her in one word.
Manipulative Bitch: She's extremely skilled at twisting people's words and actions to get what she wants, or even just a cheap laugh.
Meaningful Name: "Regina" means "queen".
Narcissist: Regina shows many traits of narcissism such as: seeing herself as superior to everyone at camp (when really, nobody likes her), treating others like crap to make it to the top (even going so far as to backstabbing the other Aphrodite kids), valuing her appearance a lot, and lacking empathy for others (except herself, of course).
Pink Means Feminine: especially on Wednesdays.
Rich Bitch: Have you seen her clothes? Yeah.
Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Regina's a specific example. She could rattle off several mostly-illegal weight loss drugs (most of which either were expensive before being banned or would be expensive to ship from countries where they're still legal). Yet, she doesn't know enough about health and nutrition to know whether or not butter is a carb.
Shrouded in Myth: Regina makes up rumors about herself to increase her own allure. Talk about conceited. Apparently she's even killed one of her crazy exes. Go figure.
Smug Snake: Regina is damn proud of every little manipulation that she pulls off.
Spoiled Brat: She comes from a wealthy family and she's gotten everything she's ever wanted to date. Spoiled rotten.
Twisting the Words: She's a master at this. You never know what she really means.
God parent: Aphrodite
Power(s)?: Charmspeak and amokinesis. Amokinesis is pretty limited to manipulating feelings of love, and charmspeak is restricted by others' emotions towards her. She also has the power to control clothing, makeup, jewelry, and other accessories.
Backstory: Regina's father is a male model, which explains why she fell for him. Regina grew up to be a spoiled brat, and simply wanted to follow fame and fortune as she could. Her father, seeing how she was growing up, decided he had to do something to keep her from becoming what she was. Without any other real options, he sent her to Camp Half-Blood, knowing she would be safe there. However, this hasn't changed her personality one bit. She's still just as spoiled as ever, and she's going to make sure she's on top, even if she's stuck in a place like this. She's been at camp since she was fifteen, and her only desire is to make Camp Half-Blood the stage for her play of life, in which she is the star.

As to how Regina got Katropis, it's honestly an interesting story. Who knows why, but she was chosen to be part of a quest along with a Zeus and Apollo kid to kill off a group of Laistrygonian giants who had been destroying the strawberry shipments leaving the Camp for a couple of weeks now. The strange thing is, while they were usually just armed with clubs, this lot was packing rocket launchers and grenades, which was quite suspicious. In any case, after finishing off the lot of them, it became clear that there had been someone else behind the attacks, who'd been giving the giants their weapons. That someone was Medea, who was connected to the incident after an inspection of the weapons the giants had been carrying. The quest not yet completed, they went after her in the sewers of New York. It wasn't easy, but they managed to chase her out of the area. While she was fleeing, she dropped a weapon she'd been carrying with her. Turning to retrieve it, the child of Zeus blew her back with a gust of wind, which allowed Regina to take the weapon. Cursing them, Medea ran off without a trace. Once they'd flooded the underground cavern that'd housed Medea's warehouse, the were finally done, and Regina had a new weapon on her hands which she would soon see was very handy for more than one thing.
Attractive: Just as with the rest of the Aphrodite kids, she's hot. Like, drop-dead gorgeous, if that kind of thing is your type. She pretty much always wears make-up, but still, it's hard to find flaw in her beauty. At least, on the outside.
Manipulative: She's really good at getting others to do what she wants. One way or another.
Agile: She's actually really flexible and fast if she needs to be, although she never usually uses this since she's wearing heels or doesn't want to break a sweat.
Smart: In the devious sort of way, she's actually pretty clever.
Raging bitch: She has no real friends. Her personality allows for some people to want to follow her, but most people just dislike her. She knows how to handle herself socially, but she doesn't really have a confidant or anyone to talk to.
Lack of fighting skills: Like most Aphrodite kids, she's not a good fighter. She has a dagger, and she kinda knows how to use it, but put her up against more than one enemy and she has no shot in a physical fight.
Flying insects: Hates these. They're evil.
Insecure: Deep down, she doesn't think she's all that perfect. If you can find out what she doesn't like about herself, you can take her down.
Weapon(s): Katropis
Other?: She's fluent in French, the language of love.

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